After British referendum, homework for the member states

The British vote and its aftershocks are not a sign that European integration is dead. On the contrary – the idea that Europeans have to manage their common space together still seems more plausible than anything else.

V4 Revue26. 06. 2016

The twin forces tearing apart Central-Eastern Europe

In the V4, resentment over the post-communist consensus and the decline of the EU’s soft power have produced a potent mix for political contestation, resulting in a populist upheaval. Can it be contained?

Daniel Kráľ20. 06. 2016

Czech TV´s management ordered news reporters to depict refugees as a threat

In September 2015, the management of the influential Czech commercial TV Prima, gave clear instructions to reporters to depict refugees negatively in their news coverage. Those who did not agree with this position were told to leave their jobs.

Robert Břešťan13. 06. 2016


The share of women executive board members does not exceed 10% in any of the region’s countries. The Czech Republic attains the best score, followed by Hungary. The gender disproportion is the biggest in Slovakia and Poland. In general terms, corporate business management seems to be the arena where V4 women face hidden barriers considering a much higher number of university female graduates.

Business in the V4: Still a no women’s land

Less than 10% of the board members of Central Europe’s biggest companies are women. The glass ceiling has some cracks, but without serious changes in the region’s socio-political landscape, very few will have the chance to break it.