Can Slovakia overcome the paradox of Euro-sceptic politics and Euro-optimist policies?

While the Slovak Prime Minister talks sovereignty, the Slovak diplomats discuss deeper integration. Yet, internal politics and foreign policy don’t stand alone. Although interest in preserving its EU membership are directing Slovak EU policies today, tomorrow the situation may well turn around – just like in the UK.

Pavol Szalai15. 07. 2016

Hungary’s refugee referendum aims to shake up EU politics

Hungary’s planned October referendum on the EU’s imposed migration quotas will boost Orbán’s efforts to challenge the European status quo and strengthen his power at home.

Eszter Zalán14. 07. 2016

North Korean laborers

At a time when Warsaw is busy looking for reasons why people fleeing the Syrian war should not take refuge in Poland, the ease with which North Korean laborers have had obtaining Polish work permits is rightfully making headlines.

Lorenzo Berardi7. 07. 2016


The share of women executive board members does not exceed 10% in any of the region’s countries. The Czech Republic attains the best score, followed by Hungary. The gender disproportion is the biggest in Slovakia and Poland. In general terms, corporate business management seems to be the arena where V4 women face hidden barriers considering a much higher number of university female graduates.

Business in the V4: Still a no women’s land

Less than 10% of the board members of Central Europe’s biggest companies are women. The glass ceiling has some cracks, but without serious changes in the region’s socio-political landscape, very few will have the chance to break it.