Why we’re launching the #humansonthemove series?

While voices seeing refugees as fellow human beings were not completely silenced in recent European debates, the fear and confusion were much louder. It was striking to see the easiness with which many in Europe declined to think about why so many in the South are leaving their homes.

Photo: CreativeCommons/Climatalk.in

Importantly, refugees from the South were framed as security threats, rather than people with aspirations similar to denizens of the North. One might almost get an idea that leaving the place one was born at is a cardinal sin.

At V4Revue we’d like to change this conversation and therefore we’re initiating a new collective blog on migration and refugee issues.  We want to help bring down the wall of insecurities about migration and we are inviting you to join us in this endeavor.

The contributors for this blog hold different passports and their motivations for leaving their first home country are manifold. We asked them to share personal stories on what drove their journey, what enabled it and what they got and gave along the way.

What pushed them out of ‘their’ country, and what ‘pulled’ them to another? Did they have to leave, or did they just want to? Was it easy? Were there obstacles? Was it money, visa, jobs, people they knew, or random strangers? Who helped them, and whom did they help?

The V4Revue was established as a forum for debate of socio-economic transition of Central Europe after 1989. Sadly, governments in Central Europe, a region that generated millions of migrants, are today stubbornly closing eyes and doors to people in hardship. This is one more reason why we wish to change the conversation.

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