Note for contributors

‘We are currently not accepting submissions’


Do you want to be one of our writers?

We mostly publish stories commissioned by our editors, yet we are very open to considering article proposals from anyone willing to respect the rules below:

  • The article has to bring something new – either information or perspective.
  • The author has a track-record of research on the given subject and her motivations for writing the article were not driven by direct interest in advancing the profit of a particular business entity or political party.
  • The article has to be written in reader-friendly English or American. The V4 Revue is here to stimulate debate. Therefore, we prefer articles written in a reader-friendly style. Style matters as much as content.
  • Authors are advised to pitch the story / consult the editor about structure and outline in advance. If you’re submitting a pitch (article idea), not a full article, include also a sample of your earlier (preferably published) writing.
  • We are not interested in articles which are mere descriptions of what was said and what happened.
  • We are looking for articles based on original sources (interviews and observations conducted by the author, for the purpose of the submitted article).
  • Our authors are fully responsible for content of articles. In case we detect plagiarism, we will not publish the article and we’ll notify the author and publisher of the original text.
  • We will certainly decline to accept texts which:
    a) were written with a PR purpose;
    b) incite to racial, ethnic, religious, gender or other hatred;
    c) are not based on true information.
  • We expect our writers to double-check their sources and provide references in footnotes where relevant.
  • Final decision on publication is made only after submission of full draft.
  • We run articles 2,5 – 10 standard pages long. One standard page = 1800 characters, including spaces.
  • Published articles receive fees. We cut the fees in case the article does not fulfill the agreed goal or was submitted after deadline.
  • The texts will be edited and proofread. The editor can ask the author to provide additional documentation if s/he considers it relevant.
  • Please do not submit texts already published in other media.
  •  We do not consider articles that have been simultaneously submitted to other publication outlets. If you want to republish an article written for V4 Revue after it was published in the V4 Revue, you need to have written approval of the V4 Revue editor.