Together or next to eachother? Foreigners, minorities and “our people” (not only) in Mariánske Lázne

The public debate “Spolu nebo vedle sebe? Cizinci, menšiny a “našinci” (nejen) v Mariánskych Lázních” (Together or besides eachother? Foreigners, minorities and “our people” (not only) in Mariánske Lázne) was organized by V4 Revue, Mladí Občané and the Institute of Active Citizenship in Mariánske Lázne on January 28, 2016.


During the first part of the day members of the Young Citizens, a student organization, organized an interactive seminar for students of the local high school and business academy on the phenomena of migration that was also attended by three volunteers with direct experience in helping refugees in the countries of the Western Balkans.

The morning seminar was based on methodology acquired in #Humansonthemove: a workshop on current aspects of migration in Europe, held at Charles University in Prague. During the second part of the day a public debate was held at the premises of the local civic authorities with representatives of the city, police forces, academia and local civic associations and citizens.

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