Inside V4

We stand with CEU

We stand with CEU because it has not been afraid to stand with others. This is ultimately why it got into trouble – and why it needs our support.

V4 Revue31. 03. 2017

Inside V4

Defending a CEU that matters

Intellectual freedom and the belief that what we are doing is righteous is a powerful combination. This is the power that the current Hungarian government wants to dismantle and eliminate.

Andrea Pető31. 03. 2017

EU and foreign policy

Russia hardens Visegrad divisions in the Trump-area

These days the Visegrad Four cannot escape the tectonic shifts reshaping the post-war world order. US President Donald Trump has stirred up the delicate issue of Russia within the V4, where Hungary particularly feels emboldened to push for sanctions that have been imposed on Moscow to be lifted.

Eszter Zalán14. 03. 2017


Defending Europe’s largest primeval forest

Logging has always been a part of life in Bialowieza, but the increased quotas proposed last year by Poland’s new government, were too much for many to bear. The unique forest has become one of the battlegrounds for the defense of democracy.

Claudia Ciobanu2. 02. 2017

Inside V4

Who will heal the Poles?

Subsequent governments have failed to repair Poland’s broken healthcare system, and doctors continue to leave the country in large numbers. We talk to some that have already departed and others that are considering doing so.

Agata Mazepus10. 01. 2017


Two countries, one struggle

At some level, whether one lives in Romania or Poland, the fault lines are similar these days. Societies are divided. Almost everyone feels betrayed by the political class. Nationalism, racism and xenophobia are spreading like wildfire.

Claudia Ciobanu21. 09. 2016

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