EU and foreign policy

Russia hardens Visegrad divisions in the Trump-area

These days the Visegrad Four cannot escape the tectonic shifts reshaping the post-war world order. US President Donald Trump has stirred up the delicate issue of Russia within the V4, where Hungary particularly feels emboldened to push for sanctions that have been imposed on Moscow to be lifted.

Eszter Zalán14. 03. 2017

EU and foreign policy

“It is about all of us”

The message of the campaign against our organizations is clear to those young Hungarians about to choose a profession: think twice before you devote your carrier to championing a just society based on fundamental rights.

Stefania Kapronczay24. 02. 2017

Inside V4

Hungarian settlement bonds under fire

There is rising public pressure on Hungary’s government to terminate settlement bonds, which essentially give foreign nationals legal residency in return for payment. The government claims the revenue is good for business, while opponents maintain that the bonds are a mere money-laundering vessel and open up the country and the EU to dangerous individuals.

Gergő Rácz25. 12. 2016

EU and foreign policy

Brexit could amplify the V4’s voice within the EU

With the UK opting out of the EU, the V4 anti-federalists are losing an important ally. As new debates on redefining the post-Brexit EU are underway, V4 countries could play a crucial role. However, that depends, once again, on Germany.

Eszter Zalán19. 09. 2016