EU and foreign policy

One step forward, two steps back – asylum issues in Hungary

The Hungarian government has raised eyebrows in the past few months with its intense anti-immigration campaign and plans to further restrict its asylum policy. In the years of democratic transition following 1989, Hungary welcomed tens of thousands of ethnic Hungarian refugees across its borders. But as the country became a gateway to Europe and the asylum-seeker population became more foreign and diverse, policies became more restrictive, and neither government has supported the issue unambiguously.

Veronika Fajth13. 05. 2015

EU and foreign policy

Central Europe has to open its mind to migrants. #whatarewewaitingfor

Central Europe’s track record in making Europe part of the solution to the migrant tragedies is pitiful. While a number of scholars, activists and journalists are screaming ‘wake up,’ officials are simply suggesting that any talk of humanism in this case is just plain naiveté. If “EU values” mean anything, we need to get over this cynicism and once again bring down the wall.

Lucia Najšlová12. 05. 2015