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Hungarian settlement bonds under fire

There is rising public pressure on Hungary’s government to terminate settlement bonds, which essentially give foreign nationals legal residency in return for payment. The government claims the revenue is good for business, while opponents maintain that the bonds are a mere money-laundering vessel and open up the country and the EU to dangerous individuals.

Gergő Rácz25. 12. 2016


“What are you doing? There are people here!”

Tens of thousands of people remain stuck in extreme conditions at the north-eastern border between Jordan and Syria. Médecins Sans Frontières has been calling for immediate recovery of the humanitarian aid for the people stuck there as well as international protection for them.

Jitka Kosíková21. 12. 2016


A light in the fog

The thicker and more impenetrable the fog around us, the more it makes sense to kindle a light in it. And we will do our best at every turn to radiate light for people on the run.

Jakub Adámek12. 12. 2016


Sometimes they were like us… refugees

Sufyan from Pakistan shares with us his story on why he decided to leave his homeland, his experience in other countries, and why he changed his mind about education.

Sufyan7. 11. 2016


I am not able to dismiss my homeland

We met with Mrs. Gharam, a teacher from Syria, in Dresden, and she told us her story, explaining why she left her homeland and how life was after coming to Germany.

Gharam18. 10. 2016

EU and foreign policy

Crimean Tatars: in exile again

As the EU debates about what to do with African refugees, Poland remains more focused on the East. However, Polish authorities are already shutting their doors to the refugees from Ukraine – including annexed and occupied Crimea.

Agnieszka Hreczuk19. 06. 2015

EU and foreign policy

Slovak migration policy poisoned by hypocrisy

It is unbelievable that only 646 migrants were granted asylum and 636 afforded subsidiary protection in Slovakia since 1993. That is only 1,282 people out of 58,019 applicants, the equivalent of two full boats. While in one May weekend in 2015, the Italian Coast Guard saved more people than all asylums and subsidiary protections ever granted by Slovakia in 22 years.

Alexandra Malangone12. 06. 2015

EU and foreign policy

Refugees in Poland: the sound of silence?

While Poland’s border with non-EU countries is over 1000 kilometers long, it has not been infiltrated by large numbers of refugees, especially when compared with southern EU countries. So far the attitude of Poles towards immigrants, including refugees, is positive, but the country’s immigration policies are in need of urgent amendment.

Justyna Segeš Frelak28. 05. 2015