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Refugees: one week in Slovak online media

A review of Slovak online media outlets’ coverage of migration and refugees suggests that, at the time the “crisis” hit home, most political representatives had little understanding of possible humanitarian solutions. The analysis suggests that the media could have done more to combat this deficiency by providing context.

Alena H. Chudžíková31. 03. 2017


When the distant became the nearby

I do not travel every week to the camps in Greece that are built on the hopes of the people and forgotten by Europe, but I try to mediate meetings between others like me and refugees, so that others can experience for themselves what I experienced.

Kristýna Boháčová31. 03. 2017


My two days in Tovarnik

Impressed by the Czechs’ volunteerism, fascinated by their effective organisation, surprised by the refugees’ calmness, and pleased with the Croatian police’s professionalism.

Jan Trnka30. 03. 2017


Me, the volunteer

I helped in a refugee camp, I volunteered in an NGO, I met with hundreds of refugees, I cooperated with dozens of volunteers. Here are my ten commandments.

Zuzana Pilzová28. 03. 2017


It is about boundaries between people, not states

In the middle of the field, encircled by police tape, over one thousand people are shaking with cold, illuminated by the flickering flames of open fires and the police cars‘ lights. I do not see any militant or dangerous individuals, as some would like to suggest to us.

Vojtěch Dárvík Máca28. 03. 2017


Interviewing refugees

I mixed directly with the refugees to ask about their destinies when traveling across borders, attempting to capture their authentic testimonies.

Lukáš Hájek27. 03. 2017