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Refugees: one week in Slovak online media

A review of Slovak online media outlets’ coverage of migration and refugees suggests that, at the time the “crisis” hit home, most political representatives had little understanding of possible humanitarian solutions. The analysis suggests that the media could have done more to combat this deficiency by providing context.

Alena H. Chudžíková31. 03. 2017


Why don’t the V4 countries have more women voices in the media?

The media matter. They not only reflect the “real“ world, but also create it. Despite positive developments in media in the last few decades, gender inequality is still evident. There are women who host breakfast programs and read the evening news, but there are still not enough women in decision-making positions. What is stopping women from attaining more visible posts in media? And how does their absence influence the V4’s media content?

Olga Gyárfášová12. 11. 2015