The City of Coincidences

I’ll always feel a foreigner in this country, but perhaps the Euroscepticism in Britain that fuelled demands for the referendum will help me feel less of a stranger in my adopted home. So I decided to apply for Czech citizenship.

David Creighton22. 04. 2016


Germany’s New Normal

When I recently received an invitation for a friend’s birthday celebration in Tübingen, a small town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, I did not hesitate much to accept. It had been a while since I had been back to the country where I spent more than 10 years of my life, and probably the most formative ones. I have to admit, that just as much as I wanted to see how my old friend was doing, I also wanted to see how the refugees were, and how the so-called “refugee crisis” was playing out on the ground in a country that has been welcoming towards people in need.

Zuzana Pavelková13. 04. 2016


The final frontier

When tens of thousands crossed the Hungarian border last summer, they walked right into a debate about what it means to be Hungarian…

Holly Case8. 04. 2016


How complaining doesn’t explain the world

I’ve cut down on complaining. If you’re thinking, “OK, that sounds normal,” you’d be right. However, when you are born in a country like France, where the right to complain (or strike) is engraved in the constitution, and when you live in a country like the Czech Republic, where the innocent act of asking “how are you doing?” is followed by “ujde to” (“it could be worse”) and a litany of complaints about political parties and how bad the food is compared to German, it’s hard to escape the negativity.

Martin Michelot29. 03. 2016


Suprised in Europe

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, a city with more than half its population born outside the country. Communication from the city often comes in several languages and the City of Toronto provides translations for their website into 52 various languages via Google Translate. University Health Network’s four hospitals offer patients translation services in over 180 languages. Many of the city’s neighborhoods are associated with other countries: China Town, Korea Town, Little Italy, Little India, or the Danforth, which is home to a large portion of Toronto’s Greek community, to name a few.

Lara Wigdor14. 03. 2016


“Life without freedom is not worth living”

We entered the United States on Obama’s 50th birthday, August 4th, 2011. We were heading to San Francisco, a place that my husband, Djordje visited a couple of years ago and called right upon landing to say: “I found us a new home.” I laughed it off and shook my head, both in disbelief that it would be possible and that I would ever agree on crossing the ocean. We were then living in Serbia.

Djurdja Jovanovic Padejski7. 03. 2016

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