My two days in Tovarnik

Impressed by the Czechs’ volunteerism, fascinated by their effective organisation, surprised by the refugees’ calmness, and pleased with the Croatian police’s professionalism.

Jan Trnka30. 03. 2017


Me, the volunteer

I helped in a refugee camp, I volunteered in an NGO, I met with hundreds of refugees, I cooperated with dozens of volunteers. Here are my ten commandments.

Zuzana Pilzová28. 03. 2017


It is about boundaries between people, not states

In the middle of the field, encircled by police tape, over one thousand people are shaking with cold, illuminated by the flickering flames of open fires and the police cars‘ lights. I do not see any militant or dangerous individuals, as some would like to suggest to us.

Vojtěch Dárvík Máca28. 03. 2017


Four Days in Röszke

A man can isolate himself from the unhappy destinies of those around him by keeping busy. But suddenly I managed to establish an emotional connection. I was flooded with empathy, and tears struck me as unexpectedly as if I had been hit on the head.

Lukáš Stříteský20. 03. 2017


With the unknown to the unknown

I have absolutely no idea how we managed to congregate somewhere at the end of the world just because someone needed help. I am extremely proud as well that I am a part of all this.

Marie Jahodová19. 03. 2017


Fear is stronger than pain

In November 2015, I followed the refugees on their way through the Balkans. I ended up all alone on the fringe of a road a few kilometres from Szeged, Hungary.

Michal Pavlásek17. 03. 2017


Not being afraid to look it in the face

Europe can truly claim its Christian identity only when it opens its doors in solidarity and emphasis tolerance as a required component of love. After all, the Muslims are not our enemies, but brothers on the same path.

Jakub Múčka27. 02. 2017


“What are you doing? There are people here!”

Tens of thousands of people remain stuck in extreme conditions at the north-eastern border between Jordan and Syria. Médecins Sans Frontières has been calling for immediate recovery of the humanitarian aid for the people stuck there as well as international protection for them.

Jitka Kosíková21. 12. 2016

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