Inside V4

We stand with CEU

We stand with CEU because it has not been afraid to stand with others. This is ultimately why it got into trouble – and why it needs our support.

V4 Revue31. 03. 2017

Inside V4

Defending a CEU that matters

Intellectual freedom and the belief that what we are doing is righteous is a powerful combination. This is the power that the current Hungarian government wants to dismantle and eliminate.

Andrea Pető31. 03. 2017

EU and foreign policy

“It is about all of us”

The message of the campaign against our organizations is clear to those young Hungarians about to choose a profession: think twice before you devote your carrier to championing a just society based on fundamental rights.

Stefania Kapronczay24. 02. 2017


Two countries, one struggle

At some level, whether one lives in Romania or Poland, the fault lines are similar these days. Societies are divided. Almost everyone feels betrayed by the political class. Nationalism, racism and xenophobia are spreading like wildfire.

Claudia Ciobanu21. 09. 2016