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Week of November 28-December 5

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8. 12. 2014
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This is the latest in a series of CEPI weekly digest of notable local and international news and analyses covering the Ukraine crisis, all available in English. The CEPI Ukraine Watch focuses on domestic politics, reforms, energy and security developments. Published at www.cepolicy.org


Verkhovna Rada has approved a new government this week by voting for the whole cabinet not for individual ministers. Negotiations over candidates took place behind the closed doors. Ukrainska PravdaNovoe Vremja and Levy Bereg are covering the topic. Levy Bereg has published short profiles of newly appointed ministers. New opposition group called “Ukrop” is being formed in Rada, with ambitions to get 19 members to form full-fledged parliamentary group, Capital.ua reports.


Ukraine plans to apply for EU membership in 2020 according to President Poroshenko. “We need to reform the country, improve the investment climate and implement the Association Agreement with the European Union. Full interview hereNATO membership for Ukraine not on agenda- Steinmeier:“As far as I’m concerned, NATO membership for Ukraine is not on the agenda now. At least I do not see Ukraine on the way to joining NATO,” Steinmeier said.

Rada supports coalition-proposed government: The Verkhovna Rada has endorsed the list of candidates for ministerial posts proposed by the majority coalition. A total of 288 MPs voted for this decision. The government includes 3 foreigners who have been granted the citizenship of Ukraine. Verkhovna Rada has approved Yuriy Zubko (Poroshenko Bloc) as deputy premier – housing and utilities minister, Viacheslav Kyrylenko (People’s Front) as deputy premier for humanitarian issues, Valeriy Vorschevsky (Liashko’s Radical Party) as deputy Prime Minister, Hanna Onyschenko (People’s Bloc) as minister of the Cabinet of Ministers. Alexander Kvitashvili (Poroshenko Bloc) has been appointed to the post of health minister, Aivaras Abromavicius (Poroshenko Bloc) as economy minister, Natalie Jaresko (Poroshenko Bloc) as the finance minister, Serhiy Kvit (Poroshenko Bloc) as education minister, and Volodymyr Demchyshyn (Poroshenko Bloc) as energy minister. Arsen Avakov (People’s Front) has been appointed as interior minister, Pavlo Petrenko (People’s Front) as justice minister, Ihor Zhdanov (Batkivschyna) as youth and sports minister, Ihor Shevchenko (Batkivschyna) as ecology minister, and Oleksiy Pavlenko (Samopomich) as agrarian policy minister. MPs have approved Pavlo Rozenko (Poroshenko Bloc) as social policy minister, and Andriy Pyvovarsky (Poroshenko Bloc) as infrastructure minister. Yuriy Stets (Poroshenko Bloc) has been appointed to the newly created post of the information policy minister. President Poroshenko had signed a decree to grant Ukrainian citizenship to Natalie Jaresko (previously a citizen of the U.S.), Alexander Kvitashvili (Georgia) and Aivaras Abromavicius (Lithuania). The Verkhovna Rada has also approved Stepan Poltorak as Ukraine’s defense minister, Pavlo Klimkin was approved as Ukraine’s foreign minister.

People’s Front, Poroshenko Bloc call for Sadovy’s appointment as first deputy PM: The People’s Front and Bloc of Petro Poroshenko factions in parliament have called for the appointment of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy as Ukraine’s first deputy prime minister. Sadovy has ruled out his possible appointment to the future government[1].  Klitschko: UDAR will run for local elections on its own:UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko has said that his party will run for the local elections as an individual force. Svoboda Party members in parliament initiate ban of communist ideology: The deputies representing the Svoboda have registered a bill proposing the banning communist ideology in Ukraine.

Parubiy elected Rada’s first vice speaker, Samopomich’s Syroid becomes first female vice speaker: The Verkhovna Rada has approved People’s Front MP Andriy Parubiy for the post of first deputy speaker and Samopomich Union MP Oksana Syroid as the deputy speaker. Rada sets up 27 committees, 2 special control commissions: The Verkhovna Rad has set up 27 committees and MPs also established two commissions – a special control commission for privatization and a special commission for democratic control over state military establishment. Rada has approved the leadership of all parliamentary committees, except for three. 10 MPs who voted for so called dictatorship laws were elected to the leadership of Rada committees. The coalition could not agree on the distribution of Rada committees. Capital.uaIndsider and Ukrainska Pravda have published backstage reports.

Former members of parliament Kaletnyk, Oliynik put on wanted list: Former MPs Ihor Kaletnyk and Volodymyr Oliynyk are suspected of organizing the illegal voting in parliament on January 16 and have been put on the wanted list, Prosecutor General’s Office has reported.


Ukrainian and Russian negotiators and rebels agree truce at Donetsk airport, ceasefire in Luhansk: Ukrainian military at a meeting with representatives of the Russian Armed Forces and militants in Luhansk agreed on a temporary ceasefire, which is to take effect from December 5 All agreed in principle to a total ceasefire along the entire line of contact between Ukrainian Armed Forces and those under control of the (Lugansk People’s Republic), to be effective from 5 December,” the OSCE said. “They also agreed that the withdrawal of heavy weapons would start on 6 December,” the statement added. Lugansk separatist chief Igor Plotnitsky said the talks produced a deal to establish a military buffer zone. The cordon “will be 15-20 kilometres (9-12 miles) wide,” he said.

New round of Ukraine talks in Minsk format next week – Kuchma: Another round of negotiations on Ukraine in the Minsk format could be held next week, former Ukrainian President Kuchma, a member of a Ukraine-Russia-OSCE trilateral contact group on settling the crisis in Ukraine has said. A source in the government of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic told DPR government was not ruling out the possibility that the Contact Group on Ukraine could meet in Minsk next week, adding that DPR would like to see officials from Kyiv, instead of Kuchma[2].

Over 32,000 mercenaries and Russian troops fighting in Donbas – Ukraine General Staff: 32,400 people are fighting in Donbas, of which 6,000-10,000 are Russian Armed Forces servicemen, and the rest are mercenaries and members of the so-called illegal paramilitary groups, head of the personnel department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr Rozmaznin said. He added that around thousand foreigners were fighting on the side of Ukraine and all of them were members of volunteer battalions[3]Ukraine Military Says Russian Forces Involved in Attack on Donetsk Airport: The Ukrainian military accused Russian Special Forces on Monday of taking part in attacks on the Donetsk airport.[4] About 8,000 militants estimated to being killed in Donbas: “The losses of militants since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation are estimated at about 8,000 people,” ATO press centre has reported.

Spot report by OSCE Observer Mission at the Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk, 30 November 2014: Russian convoy of 43 vehicles crossed into Ukraine and returned back through the Donetsk Border Crossing Point: The convoy consisted of 21 cargo trucks, 18 fuel trucks, and four support vehicles.

Ukraine urges greater military aid from Europe, US – minister: Ukraine’s foreign minister urged Europe and the United States to begin supplying arms to Ukraine, saying it would help deter pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine’s eastern provinces and restore peace. “It is a mistake by our European and American partners to say providing weapons and military technical assistance would create the potential for escalation,” Klimkin said. “On the contrary, it would be an important step towards de-escalating the situation because no-one would go further if Ukrainian military forces get stronger.” NATO ‘not able’ itself to provide military support for Ukraine“NATO does not have military equipment at its disposal and therefore cannot provide it to Ukraine. At the same time, many NATO member states do provide such equipment. But this decision is the responsibility of each member state,” NATO SG has said. NATO launches trust funds to help Ukraine in defense reform: NATO is to launch five trust funds to support Ukraine instead of the four planned earlier, NATO SG Stoltenberg has said. NATO countries has provided about 4 million euro to trust funds for Ukraine[5]Defense Ministry has purchased 75 armored Saxon: The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine purchased 75 light armored vehicles of British manufacture Saxon worth about $ 3.8 million. The first batch of 20 vehicles will be delivered next week, and the rest – in 2015. Thales Group to supply military equipment to Ukrainian army: Ukroboronprom has signed a contract with France’s Thales Group, a manufacturer of communications and information security systems, for the supply of high-tech military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Militants control all prisons in Luhansk region – Moskal: Militants from the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic have abducted the leadership of the State Penitentiary Service office in Luhansk region. According to Luhansk governor Moskal, the actual kidnapping of the leadership of the penitentiary service in Luhansk means that now the full responsibility for all prisons lies with the so-called LPR. He said that almost all colonies keeping prisoners in Luhansk region were located on the territory controlled by militants.

Ukraine military say Russia deploys Iskander air defense missiles in Crimea: A representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff has said that Russia deployed Iskander air defense missiles in Crimea.

Lavrov, Kerry back OSCE efforts in Ukraine, stress need for conflict de-escalation: Lavrov and Kerry met on the sidelines of a meeting of the OSCE foreign ministers in Basel to discuss the situation in the South-East of Ukraine. Kerry supports Ukraine’s initiative to add U.S., EU representatives to trilateral contact group: President Poroshenko has held a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Kerry “The U.S. secretary of state expressed his support for Ukraine’s position on expanding the trilateral contact group by including representatives of the U.S. and EU in it,” reads a statement.Hollande: Ukrainian territorial integrity must be preserved but with certain degree of east’s autonomy: In the opinion of the French president, the territorial integrity of Ukraine should be preserved but the eastern regions should have “a certain degree of autonomy.” The leaders of France, Russia, Germany and Ukraine should launch measures aimed at easing current tensions between these states, Hollande has said[6].

Ukraine rebel – Residential areas used as cover: Vostok Battalion commander Alexander Khodakovsky admitted that rebels had mounted rocket attacks against government troops from within residential areas but says the practice is being halted.

Fighting displaces more than half a million people inside Ukraine, hundreds of thousands more into neighbouring countries: According to official figures from the Ukrainian State Emergency Service, as of the beginning of December, some 514,000 people had been internally displaced. According to Russia’s Federal Migration Service 233,000 Ukrainians has applied for refugee status or temporary asylum in the Russia. As of the end of October, 8,936 Ukrainians had asked for international protection in the EU, a ten-fold increase from the 885 asylum applications for the whole of 2013. The EU country receiving the largest number of Ukrainian asylum seekers so far this year was Poland (1826), followed by Germany (1622), France (1076) and Sweden (840). The number of Ukrainians fleeing abroad could be considerable higher than the number of asylum seekers, however, as many Ukrainians prefer to apply for other forms of legal stay such as temporary or permanent residence permits. So far this year, over 317,000 Ukrainians have applied for such permits in Russia (222,000), Belarus (60,000), Poland (23,000). In Ukraine IDPs remain in regions close to the conflict, including the eastern city of Kharkiv (118,000) and government-controlled territories in Donetsk (76,000) and Luhansk (30,000), as well as in the Zaporizhzhia (51,000) and Dnipropetrovsk (48,000) regions. Most IDPs are children (27 per cent), elderly or disabled people (21 per cent) and women (65 per cent of the adult displaced population). Government reserves half a billion hryvnias for IDPs: Government has found additional funds to help internally displaced persons, reserving half a billion hryvnias for this purpose.

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister has predicted that Ukrainians will be able to travel to the EU with biometric passports and without visas from September-October 2015.

Ukraine’s Supreme Court starts lustration checks on judges: Only newly employed judges will be checked now. The staff employed earlier will be questioned in the summer of 2015.


Central Bank prolongs mandatory sale of 75% of forex receipts and keeps other caps on currency: NBU has prolonged the mandatory sale of 75% of foreign currency receipts and maintained other forex-related limitations.

EIB to give EUR 3 bln loan to Ukraine over three years: The European Investment Bank will grant a EUR 3 billion credit line to Ukraine for the next three years. EBRD okays EUR 350 mln for Chornobyl’s New Safe Confinement: EBRD have approved additional Bank funding worth EUR 350 million for the completion of the Chornobyl New Safe Confinement on the site of the 1986 nuclear accident. First regional office of EBRD opened in Lviv: Ukraine’s first regional office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has been opened in Lviv.

EU allocates EUR 500 mln in macro-financial assistance to Ukraine: The European Commission disbursed EUR 500 million to Ukraine, which is the second and final loan tranche of the EU’s EUR 1 billion macro-financial assistance program for Ukraine approved earlier this year.

G-7 looking at fresh Ukraine package: The Group of Seven nations are looking at a fresh financial package for Ukraine which could amount to some $US4 billion, according to several officials familiar with the discussions. The officials said discussions were still at a relatively early stage and no decision had been taken.

Public debt reduced by USD 1.3 billion over month: Total public (direct) and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine as of October 31 was USD 72.994 billion – USD 1.3 billion less than a month earlier. In particular, the public debt of Ukraine as of October 31 was USD 62.523 billion. Of this amount, domestic public debt was USD 30.905 billion, external – USD 31.617 billion. Publicly guaranteed debt was USD 10.471 billion, including guaranteed domestic debt – USD 2.249 billion, external – USD 8.222 billion. Ukraine in January-November 2014 borrowed USD 713 million on the domestic and USD 8.2 billion on the foreign market.

Yields on Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds hit 20%: Yields on Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds jumped by 40 basis points on December 1, to reach an all-time-high of 20% by midday, according to Bloomberg.

Ukraine pays $2.8 bln on liabilities pegged to foreign currency in Jan-Nov 2014 – finance ministry: Ukraine paid $5.345 billion from the national budget to service and pay out direct state debt in foreign currency in January-November 2014, including $2.807 billion for domestic debt and $3.538 billion for external debt. The payments from the national budget in foreign currency over the period came to $7.068 billion, including $723 million for guaranteed state debt. The ministry said that total borrowing to the national budget in foreign currency came to $7.344 billion in January-November 2014, including $713.4 million on the domestic market and $6.631 billion on the foreign market. In addition, NBU raised $1.596 billion from the IMF.

EU advisory mission for civil security sector reform starts its work in Ukraine: The EU’s advisory mission for civilian security sector reform started its work in Ukraine on December 1, the mission’s head Kalman Mizsei, has said. More can be read here.

Economy ministry promises by year end to submit 16 bills to Rada to raise $500 mln from World Bank: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade by the end of 2014 will submit to the parliament 16 bills, the adoption of which will enable the country to raise $500 million of financial aid from the World Bank.  The entire investment aid for Ukraine is delayed due to the parliament’s failure to adopt the mentioned 16 bills. World Bank could issue $300 mln to Ukraine for projects in health care sector: Ukraine is at the final stage of negotiations on obtaining funds from the World Bank for a total of $300 million for implementing projects in the health care sector, Acting Health Minister has said.

Court orders Kyiv prosecutors to bring action against NBU Governor Gontareva: Pechersk District Court has instructed Kyiv prosecutors to bring an action against NBU Governor Valeriya Gontareva on charges of abuse of power or misuse of office to obtain illegal profit. NBU governor Valeria Gontareva has not received formal accusations against her, and considers the charges baseless.[7]

Ukraine remains most corrupt country in Europe – Transparency International: Ukraine has received only one additional point in the new Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2014 by Transparency International, in comparison with 2013, and remains in the club of the most corrupt countries. Ukraine scored 26 of 100 and took 142nd place of 175 in the CPI by Transparency International.

Finance Ministry proposes to liquidate Ukrspyrt, de-monopolize spirit market in country: Ministry of Finance has proposed to liquidate the Ukrspyrt state enterprise of alcohol industry.

Ukroboronprom, Pakistan’s Defence Ministry agree to sign new contracts: Ukroboronprom and senior officials of the Defence Ministry of Pakistan have agreed to sign new contracts and deepen cooperation between the two countries. Ukrainian delegation also held talks with the senior officers of the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan on the earlier concluded contracts and discussed the possibility of updating them. The negotiations resulted in new orders for Ukroboronprom’s Kherson-based state-run Pallada enterprise, which produces reinforced concrete floating craft.

Poland ratifies Ukraine’s Association Agreement with EU: Poland’s Senate has ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. November 28, the Polish Sejm ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

Council of business ombudsman to be created in Ukraine: The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has decided to create the council of business ombudsman as its permanent consultative and advisory agency. The key goal of the council is consideration of claims of business against actions of officials, drawing up of recommendations to authorities in the entrepreneurship area and the formulation of a memorandum of proposals to the draft law on the creation of the business ombudsman institution.

Ukrainian export to Russia reduced by 32% in January-November this year, and the fall of imports made up 50%: Ukrainian import is distributed as follows: 39% – the European Union countries, the fall is 22%; 31% – on the CIS countries, the fall is 42%, including with the Russian Federation – 50%. Russia remains main foreign trade partner of Ukraine – 20% of foreign trade turnover over 11 months fell on it. 7% in the structure of trade falls on China, Germany – 6%, Poland, Belarus and Turkey – by 5%, Italy – 4%, Hungary, India and the USA – by 2%.

NBU provides banks with over UAH 2 bln in refinancing: Ukraine’s central bank has injected over UAH 2 billion in refinancing for banks to prop up the country’s ailing financial system. NBU’s foreign exchange reserves dip below $10 billion: Ukraine’s foreign exchange reserves as of December 1 had dropped to $9.966 billion, down by 20.82% or $2.621 billion compared to November 1, when they stood at $12,587 billion.

Inflation in Ukraine slows to 1.9 percent in November, reaches 21.2 percent since early 2014: Inflation in Ukraine slowed to 1.9 percent in November 2014 compared to 2.4 percent in October and 2.9 percent in September, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine has reported.

NBU demands 26 banks disclose their owners: 26 banks have not provided information about their owner which is required by law. These banks are suspected of the fact they are presented by nominal owners.


Russia released coal supplies to Ukraine after blocking it: “Imports from Russia are currently being conducted with some problems. Part of the coal products is let out, whereas the other is being delayed for no reason, that is carried out irregularly,” Minister Prodan has told[8]. Akhmetov’s DTEK is to buy about 250,000 tonnes of coal from the South African Republic, which was originally contracted by state-run Ukrinterenergo for state-run power generating company Centrenergo’s thermal power plants, Minister Prodan said[9]. On Friday, Energy Ministry informed that Russia was still blocking 500 trucks with Russian coal which had already been paid for. On Saturday, Energy Ministry announced that wagons with Russian coal which had been held up at the border have started entering the country.

Ukraine is short of slightly more than 10 percent of the electrical power it requires, Energy Minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn said. 2 million tons of anthracite remain out of Ukrainian system’s reach as they are stored in war-torn Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.[10]  Cabinet proposes cutting budget expenses for coalmines by UAH 3 bln due aggression in Donbas: The Cabinet of Ministers has proposed that expenses of the national budget for 2014 for support of coal industry are cut by UAH 3.044 billion due to military aggression in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The Energy Minister informed that Russian side was ready to supply electricity to Ukraine, only if Ukrainian side would keep providing electricity to Crimea[11]. Earlier, Minister Prodan has saidUkraine could turn off power supply to Crimea if peninsula exceeds consumption limits. The reduction of Ukrainian electric power supply to Crimea has caused blackouts in the republic and Sevastopol, DTEK Krymenergo and Sevastopolenergo said on Wednesday.

Naftogaz transfers $378 mln to Gazprom as advance payment for 1 bcm of gas:Ukraine expects Russia to resume supplies of gas from Monday after Kiev transferred a pre-payment of $378 million to Gazprom, its energy minister. Gazprom has confirmed it has received the payment. Naftogaz will pay the second half of debt for Russian gas, which is USD 1.65 billion, by the end of this year, new Energy Minister Demchyshyn said[12].

Ukraine imports 946.3 mcm of gas from Europe in November – Ukrtransgaz: Ukraine in November 2014 imported 946.3 million cubic meters of natural gas from Europe, which was 6.1% up on October 2014 (892.2 mcm). Ukraine got 884.4 mcm from Slovakia and 61.9 mcm from Poland last month. In general, Ukraine imported over 4 billion cubic meters of gas from Europe January through November 2014.

Ukrtransgaz finishes installation of interconnector between Vojany-Uzhgorod and Soyuz pipelines: Ukrtransgaz has finished installation of an interconnector between the Vojany-Uzhgorod and Soyuz trunk pipelines, which will potentially allow increasing the volume of gas supplies from Slovakia to Ukraine. Ukraine plans to boost reverse gas imports from Slovakia to 40 million cubic meters a day from December 15, Ukrtransgaz CEO Ihor Prokopiv said. A number of other projects could see these imports grow to around 60 mcm a day from Q4 2015, he said[13].

Ukraine, EIB sign agreement to finance modernization of Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline for EUR 150 mln: Ukraine and the European Investment Bank have signed an agreement to finance the modernization of the Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline for EUR 150 million. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk hopes that Ukrainian producers will win a tender to supply pipes to repair the pipeline[14]. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is expected to contribute another $200 million in loans for the same planned four-year reconstruction effort[15].

Naftogaz deficit exceeds Ukraine’s state budget deficit – Yatseniuk: Yatseniuk said the deficit of Naftogaz was UAH 103 billion and Ukraine’s state budget deficit was UAH 68 billion.

Ukraine energy minister says ‘no threat’ from accident at nuclear plant: An accident at a NPP in Zaporizhzhya poses no danger, Ukrainian energy authorities said. France’s public nuclear safety institute IRSN said it had not detected any unusual radioactivity in Ukraine after Friday’s accident and that it presented no danger to the nearby population or environment. The Zaporozhiya incident has compounded a crunch in electricity provision. DTEK Dneproblenergo said on Monday that it was introducing a rolling series of blackouts to deal with the shortfall.[16] The preliminary assessment of the event associated with the disconnection of reactor three of Zaporizhia NPP late on November 28 has a zero safety significance under the INES (International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale), Energoatom reported[17]. The Zaporizhia NPP restarted 3rd reactor unit on Friday.[18]

Ukraine’s December  1 gas balance indicates net import from Russia: December 1 Ukraine received some 18.6 million cu m more gas from Russia than Ukraine exported on its borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. It could indicate more gas being consumed or put into storage within Ukraine, but there might also be some technical explanation, or a time-lag effect, with export figures possibly catching up the following day.

Naftogaz proposes proportional distribution of gas to all categories of consumers by all market players: Naftogaz has proposed that gas is proportionally distributed to all categories of consumers, including industry, households and heat supply companies, by all market players. “Today, Naftogaz Ukrainy is a discriminated gas market player due to the liability to fulfil functions of supplier of gas to categories of consumers with benefits and the guaranteed supplier,” the holding said. Naftogaz proposes forming reserve gas stock in underground storage facilities by all market players: Naftogaz believes that it is discriminative that only the holding is to create the reserve gas stock in underground storage facilities and has purposed that each market player forms the reserve stock.


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