About us

The V4 Revue delivers analysis and commentary on the past and future of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland – four Central European societies, their role in the European Union and in the world. We aim to be the hub of responsible policy ideas for the V4 and a relevant voice in the European and global conversations on political, socio-economic and environmental challenges to democracy. In the past 25 years our region has been a laboratory of social change, and while it has often been celebrated as a “graduate” of the democratic transition, there is still a long to-do list. We believe it is of crucial importance to discuss not only the liberating moments the region has experienced after 1989, but also the more troublesome ones. This discussion benefits not only Central Europeans, but also supporters of democracy everywhere. We believe that an honest conversation about the experience of the past 25 years is also an essential foundation of responsible and successful policy.

  • In Digesting the past we look at how the V4 lived and talked about its post-89 democratization and westernization and at how the pre-89 past shaped the present.
  • In Inside V4 we follow major developments in politics and the economies of the V4 countries and their intra-Visegrad cooperation; we explore the V4’s take on its ethnic and religious diversity, socio-economic inequality, the independence of the media, corruption and transparency of public finances and how welcoming it has been to refugees and migrants.
  • In Futures we focus on changing patterns in labor markets, essential reforms to public education systems, global debates on political and socio-economic rights and the environment and climate change.
  • In EU and foreign policy we primarily follow the V4 and EU’s foreign and security policy in the EU’s Eastern and Southern neighborhood and the V4’s transatlantic relations.
  • In (Wo)(Men) we look at the changing private and public roles of women and men and explore why the word ‘gender’ has raised so many emotions.

We’re published by a civic association, Democracy in Central Europe; information on our funding is available here. We are not affiliated to any political party or business group. We are not value-free. (See notes for contributors for further detail.) We maintain full editorial independence. Opinions expressed in our articles do not necessarily have to correspond to opinions of the editorial team, donors or partners. We are always open to new ideas – we encourage you to get in touch.

Our team

Lucia Najšlová

is the editor in chief of the V4 Revue. She is a lecturer at the Charles University in Prague and at UPCES CERGE-EI and associate fellow at the IIR in Prague. Her research interests include EU & V4 relations with the Eastern and Southern neighborhoods of the Union, EU’s leverage as a democracy promoter and coming to terms with Westernization in non-Western societies. Previously she has conducted research at Slovak think-tank, SFPA, worked as a public relations advisor at Office of the Government of the SR and as a journalist at Slovak National Public Radio.

Jan Adamec

is an editor of the V4 Revue, historian and political scientist. His area of expertise is the history of Hungary, USSR and Czechoslovakia 1948 – 1957. He has an MA from Central European University in Budapest and Charles University in Prague, where he is also currently completing his PhD, with a thesis about 1956’s Hungarian uprising. He worked at International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, Philips and KPMG between 2005 – 2011. He is a lecturer at College of Journalism in Prague, editor-in-chief of the webzine praguecoldwar.cz and writes extensively for Czech media.


Attila Mong

is an editor of the V4 Revue. Attila is also currently working as editor for an innovative investigative journalism NGO, Atlatszo.hu and a researcher for Mertek, a media think-tank in Budapest. He also does journalism trainings in Asia and Africa for the DW Akademie, Germany’s leading media development organizations. He was a John S. Knight Journalism fellow at Stanford University, a program specializing in innovation and leadership. He is the author of several investigative journalism books and was awarded with the most prestigious journalism prizes in Hungary (Soma Prize, Pulitzer Memorial Prize).

Rebecca Murray

is the executive director of V4 Revue’s publisher, Democracy in Central Europe. She is also the online editor of V4 Revue and oversights V4 Revue’s production cycle. She is currently a participant and teacher at Teach For Slovakia.

Jan Ondruš

is the PR expert of V4 Revue. After studies, he undertook several traineeships in the US and Europe, during which he specialised in topics connected to migration and refugee protection. Later he worked for the International Centre for Migration Policy Development in Brussels and for the Transparency International Slovakia. In addition to his work for V4Revue, Jan currently works at the Delegation of the European Union to Eritrea.

Mindy Harrell

is the English language editor for V4 Revue. Mindy is a freelance editor/proofreader specializing in international, political and sociological topics.

Amanda Plocheck

is the copyeditor of V4 Revue and a MA candidate in International Affairs at the New School for Public Engagement in New York City.

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